Submit a Maintenance Request Online

Submit maintenance requests through your tenant portal. Please login to your tenant portal and follow the prompts. If you do not yet have a login password for your tenant portal, please get started below.

Please note that emergency situations are examples of the following:

  • Water Emergencies
    • i.e. Gushing water, sewer backups, flooding inside of the house
      Call your designated water company first
      Please make sure you drip your faucets during the winter months as well as put covers on your outside faucets to eliminate freezing pipes.
  • Gas Emergencies
    • i.e. Gas smells/leaks
      Please contact your local Gas Company Emergency Line and/or 911
      We are not responsible for lighting of pilot lights, this is your responsibility or have your gas company perform
  • Electrical Emergencies
    • i.e. Power Outages
      Please check your breaker box to ensure a breaker has not flipped
      Call your designated Electrical Company to check on outage
      i.e. Sparking plugs/outlets
  • Please contact us immediately
  • Fires
    • CALL 911
  • Break Ins
    • CALL 911
  • AC/Heat
    • When gone for extended days, please make sure your AC is on a reasonable temp during the summer months or your heat is on a reasonable temp during the winter months.
      Please note that as long as your AC unit is keeping the house 20 degrees cooler than it is outside, it is the best you can do in the Oklahoma heat.


  • Please submit ALL service/maintenance requests through your tenant portal. These are checked daily and you will receive a response within 1 business day.
  • If Maintenance receives a request and it damage caused due to resident, please know you will be charged a fee and/or cost of repairs.